Web hosting services refer to Internet services that enable people to communicate with others on the Internet. The essence of web hosting, therefore, is to allow people to run their personal and commercial activities via the Internet, and that information is accessed anywhere on the globe by people who can access Internet and find those websites.

In this era, many individuals communicate through emails and or blogs, and companies market their products and even sell them online. All these activities require the maintenance of websites or web pages through which one can place their information and others around the globe can access it.

Simple Vs Comprehensive Web Hosting Services

Web hosting service providers provide software and services that enable Internet users to achieve whatever goal they wish to convey through the Internet platform. Some web hosting services are free of charge while others can be quite costly. Simple individual blogging and emailing require simple web hosting services, at times provided free of charge by companies, while large organizations’ websites need complex web hosting services that enable more actions to be carried out by the subscriber than those in a simple web page. The cost of comprehensive web hosting services depends on the magnitude of the required services.

Free Vs Paid Web Hosting Services

Web hosting service providers offer server spaces and Internet connectivity to clients whether privately owned servers or on lease. These companies may also provide the same services to other server owners in their data center; enabling them to provide web hosting services to other users on a re-seller package/basis. Free services are usually based on advertisements hosted by the provider, and they are quite limited. They encompass simple web hosting needs for individuals and small enterprises and as such may not allow a lot of actions or control on the side of the client. Comprehensive web hosting services, on the other hand, accommodate a variety of needs and their pricing depends on their nature and size of the desired website. Clients can avail a reasonable variety of control and features including complex features such as online trading, the ability to edit and change scripts or install other useful programs for smooth running of the website.

Choosing a Web Hosting Service

Depending on the web hosting needs of a client, they can choose a simple package or a comprehensive one. The underlying factor, however, is that one’s computer and server software must meet the minimum requirements for the web hosting software to run. For instance, if a website features must run on a Java, PHP, or any other software compliant system, any device that is not enabled in the said software cannot run the website. Clients have a wide range of service providers to choose from such as BlueHost, HostGator and Hostmonster among others. They also have a vast market to choose from when it comes to choosing their web hosting service/plan. Some web host providers provide only limited services while others have a variety; such as a re-seller plan, dedicated server free hosting, shared and cloud hosting services among others.